Via S.Bartolomeo, 27 Camogli


Camogli is a small town in the province of Genua on the Riviera Levante (East riviera) protected by the headland of Portofino and it is easy access from the north along the motorway A12 in the direction of Livorno, exit at Recco. The center of the town of Camogli, which occupies the west valley of the mountain of Portofino, overlooks the Golfo Paradiso at the western end of the Portofino promontory, on the Ligurian Riviera, east of Genoa. Camogli has the largest part of the Portofino Regional Natural Park, while the water mirror in front of the promontory is part of the Portofino Protected Marine Natural Area.

Local Events

The city of Camogli offers a lot of events, among which are:
  1. The fish festival, during which, 3 tons of fresh fish is fried and served free of charge.
  2. The star Maris, a celebration in honor of the star of the sea, during which it participates with dredged boats.
  3. The Christ of the abysses, a bronze statue located at 17 meters deep.
  4. Party in honor of the Madonna del Boschetto, a celebration in honor of the groom's madonna.

Useful Links

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Local Restaurants

Below you will find some of the most famous Restaurants in Camogli.
  1. Le Lanterne Rosse, Restaurants, Via della Repubblica 24, Tel. 3470367507
  2. La Bossa, Wine Shop, Via della Repubblica 124, Tel. 0185772505
  3. Il Portico, Spaghetteria, Via Giuseppe Garibaldi 197, Tel. 0185770254
  4. Il Teatro, Pizzeria, Piazza Giacomo Matteotti 3, Tel. 0185772752
  5. La Rotonda, Restaurants, Via Giuseppe Garibaldi 101, Tel. 0185774502
  6. Nonna Nina, Restaurants, Via Franco Molfino 126, Tel. 0185773835